Lazy days

How lazy I was in March, last day of March so I want to look over to this month. It is getting busier at work. I am making a lot of plans for the future my brain is so full of ideas. My mom came to visit me on 18th march and leaving on 13th april. So I am trying to spend as much as time possible with her, she has some health issues so she can not fly over for a long time again. When you are an expat, missing your loved ones back at your country is a part of your life 😦

I hope April is not going to be so lazy and I ll keep blogging.



I have a bad flue these days so no energy for anything 😦 I think the most important thing in life is your health. Sport, eating healthy, peace of mind are the keys for healthy life and of course not to stay under air condition while you are sweaty 🙂

Wish you healthy life.

Planning for a trip:)

I love to see new places, to feel lost in totally foreign countries.
But ofcourse being lost is not so much fun if you have limited time on your holiday. Thats why checking some websites about the infos the place you are visiting in advance is the best. And use google map, it gives you idea where on earth are you and what is at which directions:)
Planning my USA trip these days, so much fun