World Cup


I was watching The Netherlands-Mexico game yesterday with the hubby, he is the one who is Dutch but I feel same exitement like him. Lions won 2-1 against Mexico but 2 goals came at the last 5 munites of the match, such a crazy game, congrats lions:))


Jordan: Mud Bath

Me and Hubby at dead sea having “mud bath” and at the background you can see some people enjoying the %31 salt sea, floating, I am looking at mud like euw but heard it makes your skin nicer so it does not matter what I put on my skin;) My hubby feels like kid again while playing with the mud 🙂 sea is very salty, it hurt my eyes when I accidentally had some sea water in my eye, when you have sea water in your eye, first thing you should do is running to the shower on the beach and rinsing your eyes. you can not swim properly coz you float and it is difficult to balance yourself so the best way of swimming was going backwards, lying on your back and swimming effort free:)) it was a very good experience today. I ll let you know if mud makes any difference or not, right now just 5 hours later of mud bath I did not realize significant difference. We ll see in a few days what happens:)

Petra: Mummy returns


From the begining of Petra which is called Bab as-siq to Treasuary(Al-Khaznah) you can see narrow wadi and there is a point (in the pic) in where a scene of “mummy returns” movie filmed. I did not watch that movie but I should and ” Lawrance of Arabia” is also in my to watch list, it is filmed around Jordan and King Hussein met his wife Muna at the film set and queen Muna is the mother of King Abdullah ( King of Jordan now)