Merry Xmas


In a few days we will be welcoming 2015. I was a good girl this year so I had many presents:) I have some wishes from 2015, first of all health, and being together with loved ones, rest is going to come anyway. If you want to have a good life, surround yourself with positive minded people and love unconditionally. 2015 is going to be a busy year, 2014 passed with a blink, but I must say I had very good times in 2014 and that is what life is about; how much you laughed, how many times you said I love you, how many times you were amazed with natural beauties, how many times you helped somebody in need…
Merry xmas 2014, can not wait to collect new memories for the 2015 xmas 😉


Xmas time:)))



Souq madinat 2014 xmas


It is almost christmas, I love the joy all around, I am not christian but the joy around makes me happy like all the other people who like to celebrate it. Giving presents taking presents (which I really like :)) thinking about loved ones, having a positive mindset, holidays, getting together with the family and friends, I love it.

The picture above is from Dubai souq madinat area, there is a huge xmas tree and rumor has it, they will make real snow fall here, I am not surprised at all, there is an indoor skiing place here so why not snowing outside, possible :)) I can not wait to see it.

Skyscrapers: Lighted Skyscrapers


City lights make me feel cheerful, it shows that city is alive, I love different colored and shaped skyscrapers and in Dubai if you visit marina first time, you will be amazed with the view of the buildings. I am living here since 2 years but still every time I see this dance of colors as the light form, I am impressed. Modern life and nature together, that is what I like about a city, we do not have forest in Dubai but there is beach just 100 meters from the skyscrapers. I love it.

Film Festival



From the Gala of Wild Tales movie


It was 11th Dubai international film festival between 11-17 december. I had chance to watch 5 movies and attend 1 gala movie. It was a very pleasent experience for me. I always like to watch movies and respect all the actors for what they are doing, there are some movies which really effects my point of view for my life. Beneath the movies I watched, I can tell you Wild Tales original name Relatos Salvajes was very different and good movie, I did not realize how 2 hours passed. I hope you can find it and watch it, it is Argentinian – Spanish made but we had english subtitles 🙂 Also The Shelter was very touching movie, if you liked Requiem for a dream, you will like The Shelter too. Foxcatcher had very nice acting in it. The intruder (dutch-moroccon made) was good also, I am not a movie critic but These are my humble opinion. I can not wait to attend another film festival, I wish I had more time so I could watch more movie.

Dubai: JBR: The walk


It was 43rd National day celebration of UAE on 2nd December.Everywhere was flag colored and like a festival. I was at the beach walk around JBR (Jumeirah Beach Road). I love Dubai more when the weather is this nice, december is very cool here. you always want to be outside these days. To see all different kinds of nationalities at the same area always amazes me, nobody feels like minorities here coz most of the people are expat. And everybody can speak english so communication is very easy.




It was our 2nd year wedding anniversary, time just flies, the day we got married feels like yesterday but it has been 2 years. I am still in love with my hubby just like the first day. I am very grateful what life brought to me and every anniversary or bday reminds me that time passes so quickly so if you wanna do something do not delay it just do it, if you wanna travel somewhere or start a gym and have a healthy life do not wait for monday, just start 😉 I wish everybody finds the right man and wife and have a happy life together. Life is beautiful 🙂