Happiness is…


Being happy really depends on what you expect from life, I took this pic in Zanzibar a few days ago, and this little kid was so happy for no reason 🙂
Me and hubby went for a short trip to Tanzania and we spent 1 day in Zanzibar, it was first time for me in Afrika and I was so exited. I loved the natural beauties etc but yes afrika is poor, no matter how beautiful nature is, still people are poor and they need all the help you can give. I came across some volunteer doctors who were helping kids and training medical staff about how to treat patients, what a great thing they are doing.


The first week of 2015

2015 started busy which is the way I love to live my life, can not complain,

1st picture; I started new year watching fireworks, it was fun.

2nd pic; I experienced a dutch tradition which is called New years dive. Normally you are supposed to jump into icy cold water in Holland but we did not have icy cold sea here in Dubai 🙂 in the morning of 1st January, first thing you jump into sea or lake with all the other dutchies wearing orange beret and you start the new year fresh. it was fun, then you drink traditional dutch soup “Erwtensoep” it was yummy.

3rd pic; Our Syrian friends took us to an amazing Syrian restaurant around Deira area in Dubai “Aroos Damascus” it was really yummy

4th pic; Took care of our balcony garden, we had some cherry tomatoes, yeyy.

5th pic; I visited Marina mall, It is Dubai shopping festival from 1st january until 1st february, there were some nice discounts and decorations in the malls.

6th pic; I have tried Dubai tram first time, they have launched it on 11th of November 2014 and I decided to try it the other day, it is very convenient.

7th pic; we made a desert safari with the friends, it was fun. I think desert safari is one of the best outdoor activity you can do in Dubai.