Dubai: AND Lounge

I was invited to join my blogger friend at the AND lounge in the Adress Hotel Dubai marina, it is a newly opened lounge and I was very curious about it.


It has great vibe


You feel like you are at your living room chatting with your friends


Every last wednesday of the month they have the battle of piano, this guys are great, you can write on a card which is already on your table which song you would like them to play and you put it on the piano and one by one they are playing it instantly, singer has Amy Winehouse kind of voice, love it.


Oman: Khasab-fjords of Oman : Seeing Dolphins

This weekend we decided to visit Musandam (governorate of Oman). We made dhow cruise and saw dolphins. It is a 3 hours drive from Dubai but it is worth to see the dolphins in their natural area, they jump around the dhow, I have some videos but not so many pictures.

If you want to do a Musandam dhow cruise you have 2 options one is from Dibba which is southeast part of Musandam and you can not see dolphins with this tour, you do not pay 85 aed (almost 50 dollar) visa fee to enter the Dibba. Second option is the one we did from Khasab (means fertile soil) which is at the north part of the Musandam, you can see a lot of dolphins, we were lucky they even raced with our boat, remember to clap your hands and whistle for them so they come near to your boat 🙂



Could catch this much of Dolphins with the picture


Enjoying the dhow



Dubai: Food Carnival

Yearly Dubai food festival is in several locations this year, I visited the one at the Marina the other day. It was a nice day.


There was a live cooking show with a famous chef. People could ask some questions about the secret of good cooking to the chef.

Your food is freshly done 🙂 Dutch mini pancakes were yummy.

I am going to visit other food festival locations soon, it is between 4-28th february.

Young blood: Mineral Cosmetics



These are the my latest make up products, I like that they contain minerals, it gives a feeling like they are not harming your skin when you apply it, foundation is easy to apply and it does not make your skin oily at the end of the day, concealer masks dark circles around your eyes but you do not feel like you have heavy make up on, for daily make up I like mineral make up but if you want a night make up, you need a stronger foundation. Finally putting make up on every day does not make me feel quilty as my products have mineral in it, sounds healthy :))

Dubai: Maria Bonita, Mexican in Dubai


I heard a lot about this mexican restaurant which is a very popular mexican restaurant since 12 years in Dubai. So today we tried it with my friends.


Guacamole was being made freshly by the table, it is must try, it was very tasty.


I had fish tacos and I think it is the best taco I have tasted, I tried my friend’s enchilada but I like tacos more. If you are craving mexican food in Dubai, visit this traditional mexican restaurant, prices are reasonable, it is located at a very popular area of Dubai so prices were normal.

Kiehl’s: A 5 star antiperspirant !!

Since years I was looking for a nice and strong antiperspirant cream, deodorant etc. I have tried normal deo roll but I was either itchy or after a while it was not effective anymore during the day so I had to reapply it. While I was surfing about a nice, strong, long lasting antiperspirant I came across very good reviews about Kiehls antiperspirant cream, I was using sunscreen of Kiehls and I was happy with the brand so I gave it a try, this antiperspirant cream is around 38$ but it is worth it. It lasts long and eventhough you sweat it really keeps you fresh, of course end of the day you feel little bit smell which is healthy, product should not make you stop sweating, but all day you are fresh, I love it.

Dutch breakfast essentials (for me)


I love dutch hagelslags (the brown little things normally you put on icecreams) and pindakaas (literally means peanut cheese) it is peanut butter but maybe cheese is a very important thing in Holland they call it peanutcheese, whatever the reason is pindakaas on a bread and some honey on top for breakfast, I am ready for the day with full of energy 😉 or some butter and on top some hagelslag, you should try it, yummy.