Benefit: make up: POREfection


before/after benefit

If you are struggling with the pores you have on your skin, I advise you this product, I do not use it everyday but when I want a smooth make up, I defenitely use it.It feels the pores and prepares a smooth surface for your blush


I tried some of benefit products and this one is my favorite so far. It is kind of very tick foundation with silicone base, it fills up the pores while you are applying with your finger tips.


Fake Nails


I love these impress fake nails it took me just 10 minutes to finish ten finger nails, simply you glue the fake nails on your nails, I can not use long nails long time so for a few days this type of nails are perfect for me, I was using the ones which had separate glue in it but this one has a peel off area where you stick it on your nail which is very handy, you clean your nails with the wipe in the box and then you file your nail up little bit and put the sticky part of the fake nail on your nail and done 🙂 My new manicure is ready for today, on the box it says it lasts for 1 week but I use it just for weekends.



Happy me with my fake nails 🙂

Young blood: Mineral Cosmetics



These are the my latest make up products, I like that they contain minerals, it gives a feeling like they are not harming your skin when you apply it, foundation is easy to apply and it does not make your skin oily at the end of the day, concealer masks dark circles around your eyes but you do not feel like you have heavy make up on, for daily make up I like mineral make up but if you want a night make up, you need a stronger foundation. Finally putting make up on every day does not make me feel quilty as my products have mineral in it, sounds healthy :))

Kiehl’s: A 5 star antiperspirant !!

Since years I was looking for a nice and strong antiperspirant cream, deodorant etc. I have tried normal deo roll but I was either itchy or after a while it was not effective anymore during the day so I had to reapply it. While I was surfing about a nice, strong, long lasting antiperspirant I came across very good reviews about Kiehls antiperspirant cream, I was using sunscreen of Kiehls and I was happy with the brand so I gave it a try, this antiperspirant cream is around 38$ but it is worth it. It lasts long and eventhough you sweat it really keeps you fresh, of course end of the day you feel little bit smell which is healthy, product should not make you stop sweating, but all day you are fresh, I love it.

Murad: Skin care


I had my yearly deep skin cleaning for 2015, once a year I try to have deep skin care. My beautician advised me to use these products and I tried them. 1 week later I can see the difference, I have combination type skin, my T zone area is shinny during the day, but these products helped my skin to have a balance, if you have a combination skin which is not so oily, these face cleanser might dry your skin, it is strong but for me, they were the best. I am glad finally I found the products for my facial care.

Jordan: Mud Bath

Me and Hubby at dead sea having “mud bath” and at the background you can see some people enjoying the %31 salt sea, floating, I am looking at mud like euw but heard it makes your skin nicer so it does not matter what I put on my skin;) My hubby feels like kid again while playing with the mud 🙂 sea is very salty, it hurt my eyes when I accidentally had some sea water in my eye, when you have sea water in your eye, first thing you should do is running to the shower on the beach and rinsing your eyes. you can not swim properly coz you float and it is difficult to balance yourself so the best way of swimming was going backwards, lying on your back and swimming effort free:)) it was a very good experience today. I ll let you know if mud makes any difference or not, right now just 5 hours later of mud bath I did not realize significant difference. We ll see in a few days what happens:)