Dubai: P.F. Chang’s: Dynamite Shrimp 

This week was Chinese food week for me 🙂 Another Chinese restaurant yesterday and one of my favorites, P.F. Chang’s. We went to the one in the Mall of the Emirates. They have it at several locations in Dubai.

I love how welcoming and nice the decoration is in the P.F. Chang’s. You really feel like you are in an Asian restaurant.

As starters we ordered Ahi Crisp and Dynamite Shrimp which is an addicting taste, many of my friends visit P.F. Chang’s just to eat Dynamite Shrimps as a snack. So yummy. Ahi Crisp had a very nice balance of tuna and avacado and coriander.


We were 4 people but portions are very big and filling so we ordered, 3 main dishes, noodle and fried rice with vegetables. At the end we had to ask them to pack our left overs !! Everything is very delicious but very filling. So be aware and share your food 🙂

As main course we ordered Crispy honey chicken, Sesame chicken and Wok-charred beef. All of them were great, I do not know how they are marinating their meat but they were very tender. Very nice Asian restaurant and staff is very helpful, I can not wait to visit P.F Changs again and taste great Dynamite shrimp.



Dubai: Burj Al Arab view: La veranda


La veranda is an Italian restaurant in the Jumeirah hotel, actually on the beach of Jumeirah hotel 🙂 It has great view of neighbour Burj Al Arab hotel
You might as well sit on the beach feeling sand under yout feet. I loved how peacefull this place is.
And of course yummy food, Lasagna was very good and they had gluten free pasta for my friend. 
You just walk into a cute and cosy restaurant in a 5 star hotel, it is first come first served. They do not reserve table. It was a wednesday eveningso we could find a 2 people table easily but I bet it is busy on the weekend. I am going to visit this restaurant more often for cosy get aways 😊

Dubai: Marine Beach Resort: Sandy beach


Luckly my work is just 5 munites distance from this place, for me a nice get away place for an hour lunch break. In the middle of Dubai, if you want to run away from hustle& bustle of the city, this hotel is perfect for you. There is a little bay of white sand and clear sea, beach is very private and quite. But of course would be great to stay in the hotel and relax all day on the beach.


There are a few pools. they are small but that is why it is not so busy, well I was there during the week maybe on weekends (Friday and saturday for Dubai) it might be busy.


You feel like you are in a forest but reality is we are in the middle of the city.


I will do my best o visit this hotel and beautiful restaurants in it as much as possible, it changes my mood and rest of the day is much more energic. There are many restaurants in this hotel but I guess all of them are more busy around 6pm, during lunch I realized just Flooka was open. I tried Flooka and it is a nice mediterranian cusine restaurant, I also tried  Cappana Nuova a few months ago, it is an italian cusine restaurant, I loved it too, you are just by the sea and can hear the waves, I love it !!

Dubai: Outdoor gym: Talise fitness


It was a suprise for me to find an outdoor gym at Talise fitness in Jumeirah hotel. Early in the morning before work I stopped by the Talise gym, I already like talise fitness club, I think one of the best fitness club in Dubai. I saw outdoor gym and I was very happy; when the weather is nice I love to do outdoor activities. It was kind of adult playground 🙂


There are some outdoor classes or you can work out by yourself, I took a class and loved the instructors motivating spirit. I had the best gym experience in Dubai. Going to gym in between busy schedule is difficult but if you have a gym which makes environment more relaxed and fun for you, it makes things easier.



Indoor gym has burj al arab view, what else I could ask for 🙂 There is squash court, a café, indoor also. I did not try talise spa yet but when I have time I am planning to give it a try.

Fake Nails


I love these impress fake nails it took me just 10 minutes to finish ten finger nails, simply you glue the fake nails on your nails, I can not use long nails long time so for a few days this type of nails are perfect for me, I was using the ones which had separate glue in it but this one has a peel off area where you stick it on your nail which is very handy, you clean your nails with the wipe in the box and then you file your nail up little bit and put the sticky part of the fake nail on your nail and done 🙂 My new manicure is ready for today, on the box it says it lasts for 1 week but I use it just for weekends.



Happy me with my fake nails 🙂

Baby shower


I went to my friend s baby shower party yesterday, it was a very nice excitement for a mom to be to share her happiness with her friends. I do not have any kids so I do not know how it is to be a mom and give birth etc but when moms at the party started to tell about their giving birth stories, it was little bit scary, at the end all of them said all the pain and tears were worth to have your little baby in your arms and you forget all the pain. So being a mommy starts difficult and goes on like that. Respect to all mommies and surely to mine 🙂