Oman: Khasab-fjords of Oman : Seeing Dolphins

This weekend we decided to visit Musandam (governorate of Oman). We made dhow cruise and saw dolphins. It is a 3 hours drive from Dubai but it is worth to see the dolphins in their natural area, they jump around the dhow, I have some videos but not so many pictures.

If you want to do a Musandam dhow cruise you have 2 options one is from Dibba which is southeast part of Musandam and you can not see dolphins with this tour, you do not pay 85 aed (almost 50 dollar) visa fee to enter the Dibba. Second option is the one we did from Khasab (means fertile soil) which is at the north part of the Musandam, you can see a lot of dolphins, we were lucky they even raced with our boat, remember to clap your hands and whistle for them so they come near to your boat 🙂



Could catch this much of Dolphins with the picture


Enjoying the dhow




Happiness is…


Being happy really depends on what you expect from life, I took this pic in Zanzibar a few days ago, and this little kid was so happy for no reason 🙂
Me and hubby went for a short trip to Tanzania and we spent 1 day in Zanzibar, it was first time for me in Afrika and I was so exited. I loved the natural beauties etc but yes afrika is poor, no matter how beautiful nature is, still people are poor and they need all the help you can give. I came across some volunteer doctors who were helping kids and training medical staff about how to treat patients, what a great thing they are doing.

Turkish Brunch


I am still at Antalya and today we went to Turkish style brunch. It is kind of picnic. You eat outside under the trees but the difference is somebody else prepares your food for you:) Turkish brunch contains lots of fresh jam, nice local cheese, olives, gozleme (turkish pancake), fresh butter, honey, lots of turkish tea and fresh air as you are sitting outside for 3 hours 🙂 you can see Gozleme and chay (tea) in the pic

I love this view


My hubby and the city I was born, Antalya, in the pic, love it 🙂 I think best season in Antalya is september, weather is not so hot but enough hot ti go to beach, sometimes it rains and sometimes sun shines, you can experience both in 1 day, that is how I like it 🙂

Organic olives

I am in Antalya these days, of course as a must I have visited local bazaar, where people brings all the fresh vegetables, fruits from villages. I love to walk around in the bazaar and get the most fresh food. These olives were so tasty, if it feels and smells like fresh it is organic for me, I love the fact that you can find any kinds of organic food in Turkey 😊👍


Sun sets, a new day starts


A view from my window, every day is a gift given to us but with the routine of life we miss the beauties around, in the morning go to work, sun sets and we are at home so I think day starts when you are free from work responsibilities. So for me it is time to spend time with myself after the sun set, let me watch the movie I always wanted to watch:)

Turkey: Antalya (touristic capital of Turkey)

I am in Antalya since 5 days so I was busy with my family and i could not check my blog as much as I wanted. I have born in this city, just left here to go to university for 5 years. I met my hubby here and I made a lot of beautiful memories here. I am very emotional whenever I come back here. It reminds me of my childhood etc. Now direct flights started from Dubai to Antalya, I ll visit my city more often. If you wanna swim you have amazing beaches, in the winter if you wanna ski, just 2 hours drive you are at “saklikent” ski resort, if you want adventure you can visit “köprülü canyon” and do rafting. If you wanna hike you can visit ” göynük canyon”. If you wanna part go to “kemer” .I can keep telling you 🙂 it is the everything city for me. I love to travel and see the rest of the world but no where makes me feel like at home as I feel in Antalya. Now I am an expat living in Dubai, I love Dubai too but not like the way I love Antalya. So if you need any tips about Antalya I ll be happy to help you.