Dubai: Chinese hotpot: Xiao wei yang

I was planning to visit this hotpot restaurant since long time and finally this week I had chance. For me it would be the first time eating a hotpot meal  and I was little bit hesitant about eating boiled meat but my overall experience was great!


Xiao Wei yang Chinese restaurant Jumeirah or marina branch is just across the Le meridien Jbr hotel. It was a week day when I visited there but for dinner we had to wait a table to get empty for 20 minutes, they book just for more than 4 people, we were 4, so no reservatio!


They bring a broth on a stove on the table and I could see some nutmeg, celery sticks, garlic in the broth but for the rest I don’t know what is in this yummy broth. The sauce you dip your meat after you boiled it in hotpot was made from peanut and garlic and some other secret ingredients, it was also yummy. We chose meat dimsum, mushrooms, meat, some tofu, spinach to boil in hotpot . Everything was very delicious. While We were leaving I asked the girl at the reception “do you deliver to the house with the hotpot?” She said “ahh don’t you have hotpot at your home, how do you eat :)?!!” Hahaa I think she is right I need a hotpot at home I love this taste and I find it a health way of cooking. 

I love how staff is very helpful and friendly in the Xiao Wei Yang. I am gonna visit there soon again. And price is reasonable.




Benefit: make up: POREfection


before/after benefit

If you are struggling with the pores you have on your skin, I advise you this product, I do not use it everyday but when I want a smooth make up, I defenitely use it.It feels the pores and prepares a smooth surface for your blush


I tried some of benefit products and this one is my favorite so far. It is kind of very tick foundation with silicone base, it fills up the pores while you are applying with your finger tips.

Running: First 5K



What a nice feeling to feel like mission accomplished πŸ™‚ I ran Dubai women s run on 7th November 2014. It was my first 5K si I was not sure if I ll be able to finish it or not bu in 31 munites I finished it, I was so happy at the end. My new target is 10K, trying to train myself, hopefully I can do it .

Sound of the waves



I was at the Flooka restaurant in Β The Marine resort&spa the other day, I had nice mediterranean food with the Burj khalifa view. We were on the beach and having nice time as hearing the sound of the waves, it was awesome. I need to come back here for the sunset, I heard sitting on the beach while drinking your cocktail and watching sun set is great.

Turkish Brunch


I am still at Antalya and today we went to Turkish style brunch. It is kind of picnic. You eat outside under the trees but the difference is somebody else prepares your food for you:) Turkish brunch contains lots of fresh jam, nice local cheese, olives, gozleme (turkish pancake), fresh butter, honey, lots of turkish tea and fresh air as you are sitting outside for 3 hours πŸ™‚ you can see Gozleme and chay (tea) in the pic

I love this view


My hubby and the city I was born, Antalya, in the pic, love it πŸ™‚ I think best season in Antalya is september, weather is not so hot but enough hot ti go to beach, sometimes it rains and sometimes sun shines, you can experience both in 1 day, that is how I like it πŸ™‚