Dubai: Burj Al Arab view: La veranda


La veranda is an Italian restaurant in the Jumeirah hotel, actually on the beach of Jumeirah hotel 🙂 It has great view of neighbour Burj Al Arab hotel
You might as well sit on the beach feeling sand under yout feet. I loved how peacefull this place is.
And of course yummy food, Lasagna was very good and they had gluten free pasta for my friend. 
You just walk into a cute and cosy restaurant in a 5 star hotel, it is first come first served. They do not reserve table. It was a wednesday eveningso we could find a 2 people table easily but I bet it is busy on the weekend. I am going to visit this restaurant more often for cosy get aways 😊


Home made: Crispy Chicken


After work I like to cook quick things at home and decided to cook crispy chicken 🙂

All you need is: some cereal, yogurt, garlic powder, black pepper, salt, dried mint.

You smush the cereals into crumbs, add the spices in to the cereal crumbs. Put the yogurt (you can use egg instead of yogurt) in a bowl.

Dip the chicken fingers into the yogurt and throw them in to cereal bag and shake them 🙂

Preheat oven 400 F (200 Celcius), put the chicken fingers on a cooking paper.

After the 10 munites of baking I could see some of the fingers are little bit wet, I put the chickens back into the oven for 10 mnts but this time I lowered the heat.

At the end I served it with a little paprika pepper on top, and your home made KFC is ready 🙂 My husband was looking for the KFC boxes, haha nope it was not that crunchy but not bad for a 40 mnts cooking.

Dubai: Food Carnival

Yearly Dubai food festival is in several locations this year, I visited the one at the Marina the other day. It was a nice day.


There was a live cooking show with a famous chef. People could ask some questions about the secret of good cooking to the chef.

Your food is freshly done 🙂 Dutch mini pancakes were yummy.

I am going to visit other food festival locations soon, it is between 4-28th february.

Dubai: Maria Bonita, Mexican in Dubai


I heard a lot about this mexican restaurant which is a very popular mexican restaurant since 12 years in Dubai. So today we tried it with my friends.


Guacamole was being made freshly by the table, it is must try, it was very tasty.


I had fish tacos and I think it is the best taco I have tasted, I tried my friend’s enchilada but I like tacos more. If you are craving mexican food in Dubai, visit this traditional mexican restaurant, prices are reasonable, it is located at a very popular area of Dubai so prices were normal.

Ladies night / Jamie’s Italian


I had such a nice time with my girl friends yesterday, we had nice italian food at jamie’ s italian in jumeirah hotel and then went to 360 bar which is also in Jumeirah hotel, tuesday nights are ladies night at 360 so just because we are ladies we get 3 complimentary drinks, nice ! I loved 360, it is an half island in the sea, from hotel there are golf cars if you do not wanna walk 10 mnts walking distance, sometimes high heels make it diffucult to walk so just jump on a golf car ride.


I must say the meatball pasta was not so great, it was nice but for an italian restaurant you expect more, for the rest restaurant was lovely. Next time I will come just to try their burgers, I heard it is good



We walked from restaurant which is at the ground floor of hotel to 360 bar, on the way you can see jumeirah hotel and Burj al arab hotel were changing colors, from green to pink, sometimes blue such a nice view, you walk from little yacht harbour to 360 so you feel like you are in a different area and you have chance to see Dubai from the sea side, spectacular! Live music at 360 was so relaxing, the singer lady has such a smooth voice, to relax after work, it is a nice place during the week, I heard it is much more like club during weekends which is thursday and friday nights, hint fir party animals 🙂

Dubai: P&B: Best meat in Dubai



I had dinner at the P&B smokehouse with my friends last week and I have to admit all of us were so sattisfied with the meat we ate, I ate the best brisket in Dubai, the chef had an event when we were there and he explained us how he was making the smoked meat so now I know the type of wood you use is very important for the taste of the meat, The meat was very tender and nice, I think I found where I want to eat my meat in Dubai now, the outdoor place at the souqmadinat amphitheathre was awesome

The first week of 2015

2015 started busy which is the way I love to live my life, can not complain,

1st picture; I started new year watching fireworks, it was fun.

2nd pic; I experienced a dutch tradition which is called New years dive. Normally you are supposed to jump into icy cold water in Holland but we did not have icy cold sea here in Dubai 🙂 in the morning of 1st January, first thing you jump into sea or lake with all the other dutchies wearing orange beret and you start the new year fresh. it was fun, then you drink traditional dutch soup “Erwtensoep” it was yummy.

3rd pic; Our Syrian friends took us to an amazing Syrian restaurant around Deira area in Dubai “Aroos Damascus” it was really yummy

4th pic; Took care of our balcony garden, we had some cherry tomatoes, yeyy.

5th pic; I visited Marina mall, It is Dubai shopping festival from 1st january until 1st february, there were some nice discounts and decorations in the malls.

6th pic; I have tried Dubai tram first time, they have launched it on 11th of November 2014 and I decided to try it the other day, it is very convenient.

7th pic; we made a desert safari with the friends, it was fun. I think desert safari is one of the best outdoor activity you can do in Dubai.