Dubai: Marine Beach Resort: Sandy beach


Luckly my work is just 5 munites distance from this place, for me a nice get away place for an hour lunch break. In the middle of Dubai, if you want to run away from hustle& bustle of the city, this hotel is perfect for you. There is a little bay of white sand and clear sea, beach is very private and quite. But of course would be great to stay in the hotel and relax all day on the beach.


There are a few pools. they are small but that is why it is not so busy, well I was there during the week maybe on weekends (Friday and saturday for Dubai) it might be busy.


You feel like you are in a forest but reality is we are in the middle of the city.


I will do my best o visit this hotel and beautiful restaurants in it as much as possible, it changes my mood and rest of the day is much more energic. There are many restaurants in this hotel but I guess all of them are more busy around 6pm, during lunch I realized just Flooka was open. I tried Flooka and it is a nice mediterranian cusine restaurant, I also tried  Cappana Nuova a few months ago, it is an italian cusine restaurant, I loved it too, you are just by the sea and can hear the waves, I love it !!


Dubai: AND Lounge

I was invited to join my blogger friend at the AND lounge in the Adress Hotel Dubai marina, it is a newly opened lounge and I was very curious about it.


It has great vibe


You feel like you are at your living room chatting with your friends


Every last wednesday of the month they have the battle of piano, this guys are great, you can write on a card which is already on your table which song you would like them to play and you put it on the piano and one by one they are playing it instantly, singer has Amy Winehouse kind of voice, love it.

Kiehl’s: A 5 star antiperspirant !!

Since years I was looking for a nice and strong antiperspirant cream, deodorant etc. I have tried normal deo roll but I was either itchy or after a while it was not effective anymore during the day so I had to reapply it. While I was surfing about a nice, strong, long lasting antiperspirant I came across very good reviews about Kiehls antiperspirant cream, I was using sunscreen of Kiehls and I was happy with the brand so I gave it a try, this antiperspirant cream is around 38$ but it is worth it. It lasts long and eventhough you sweat it really keeps you fresh, of course end of the day you feel little bit smell which is healthy, product should not make you stop sweating, but all day you are fresh, I love it.

Xmas time:)))



Souq madinat 2014 xmas


It is almost christmas, I love the joy all around, I am not christian but the joy around makes me happy like all the other people who like to celebrate it. Giving presents taking presents (which I really like :)) thinking about loved ones, having a positive mindset, holidays, getting together with the family and friends, I love it.

The picture above is from Dubai souq madinat area, there is a huge xmas tree and rumor has it, they will make real snow fall here, I am not surprised at all, there is an indoor skiing place here so why not snowing outside, possible :)) I can not wait to see it.

Skyscrapers: Lighted Skyscrapers


City lights make me feel cheerful, it shows that city is alive, I love different colored and shaped skyscrapers and in Dubai if you visit marina first time, you will be amazed with the view of the buildings. I am living here since 2 years but still every time I see this dance of colors as the light form, I am impressed. Modern life and nature together, that is what I like about a city, we do not have forest in Dubai but there is beach just 100 meters from the skyscrapers. I love it.

Dubai: JBR: The walk


It was 43rd National day celebration of UAE on 2nd December.Everywhere was flag colored and like a festival. I was at the beach walk around JBR (Jumeirah Beach Road). I love Dubai more when the weather is this nice, december is very cool here. you always want to be outside these days. To see all different kinds of nationalities at the same area always amazes me, nobody feels like minorities here coz most of the people are expat. And everybody can speak english so communication is very easy.

Organic olives

I am in Antalya these days, of course as a must I have visited local bazaar, where people brings all the fresh vegetables, fruits from villages. I love to walk around in the bazaar and get the most fresh food. These olives were so tasty, if it feels and smells like fresh it is organic for me, I love the fact that you can find any kinds of organic food in Turkey 😊👍