USA: Las Vegas: Vegas Shows


My mom thought me not pick my nose but not others 🙂 At luxor Hotel Vegas there is this dance group called Jabbawockeez, I think they should have found an easier name to remember, I had to google their name to write here. I did not go to this show but we went to two Cirque de soleil shows, 1- Chris Angel 2-Ka; my personal idea is no need to spend your money for Chris Angel show coz it was not so impressive or different than what we saw on tv; but I definetely advice Ka show, it impressed me a lot, especially if you like some martial arts it has that far east martial arts parts in it and it is a really nice show. I think it is not fair a huge show with a lot of dancers and Chris Angel show is same price. I respect people who performs on the stage but price should be accordingly. I hope Chris Angel does not get angry to me and cut me to half as he did to that girl on the stage!! I could not add pictures from both shows because you are not allowed to take any pics, Chris Angel let us take at the end and told us to tweet it and instagram it but I did not, I am really scared now 🙂


Planning for a trip:)

I love to see new places, to feel lost in totally foreign countries.
But ofcourse being lost is not so much fun if you have limited time on your holiday. Thats why checking some websites about the infos the place you are visiting in advance is the best. And use google map, it gives you idea where on earth are you and what is at which directions:)
Planning my USA trip these days, so much fun