USA: Route 66


This lovely, creative bar, restaurant, cafe was on the way to Grand Canyon from San diego. I love road trips, especially historic route 66, big part of route 66 is not open to traffic but some of it can be seen ๐Ÿ™‚


USA: Las Vegas: Vegas Shows


My mom thought me not pick my nose but not others ๐Ÿ™‚ At luxor Hotel Vegas there is this dance group called Jabbawockeez, I think they should have found an easier name to remember, I had to google their name to write here. I did not go to this show but we went to two Cirque de soleil shows, 1- Chris Angel 2-Ka; my personal idea is no need to spend your money for Chris Angel show coz it was not so impressive or different than what we saw on tv; but I definetely advice Ka show, it impressed me a lot, especially if you like some martial arts it has that far east martial arts parts in it and it is a really nice show. I think it is not fair a huge show with a lot of dancers and Chris Angel show is same price. I respect people who performs on the stage but price should be accordingly. I hope Chris Angel does not get angry to me and cut me to half as he did to that girl on the stage!! I could not add pictures from both shows because you are not allowed to take any pics, Chris Angel let us take at the end and told us to tweet it and instagram it but I did not, I am really scared now ๐Ÿ™‚

Vegas baby!!!

And jackpot time:)) I think the best game ever is jackpot, you do not have to think so much, you just press a button and say lucky words like “come on, I trust you etc” and you feel like it works. It does not matter how much you lost it always counts when you win, that is the vegas fun for me.

Hollywood: Movie Star now ;)

Hollywood Museum

Acting at Hollywood Museum

Hollywood Museum, I can act, now I feel like a movie star ๐Ÿ™‚ I think to visit Hollywood museum at walk of fame is a must. To see the dress movie stars wore at their movies is so special. I was suprised to see “breaking bad” “homeland” which are my favourite series ย equipments there. You can find 50ies movie stars dress, “hunger games” jennifer lawrance training suits. Just before you come to museum, you can see some movie stars costumed people at the walk of fame street, it makes you feel like it is all about movies,stars here. My other advise for walk of fame is to go to comedy shows if you see one. I went to “women who kill” at highland shopping mall and it was a show I could not stop laughing even for 1 second. So much fun. From highland shopping mall you can also see iconic Hollywood sign. Best way to see Hollywood and Beverly hills is hop on hop off bus tours, and these tours give you some discounts at some museums. I have visited Le brea and Hollywood museums and both of them are worth to visit. Visit Venice beach around afternoon so for sunset just go to Santa Monica pier, you may see seals as I saw live first time in my life, it was a magical experience; sunset, seals, birds, where you feel like alive and enthusiastic about life. For the dinner you can go to bubba gump shrimp restaurant at the pier or head to walk of fame area. I was mostly around walk of fame as our hotel was there. But Beverly hills Rodeo drive is a luxury option to go to dinner, and you have more chance to see a movie star around ๐Ÿ™‚ renting a car and seeing around with your car is a good idea, we did not have so much time to spend at public transport so we preffered to rent a car, you should watch out busy hours for traffic like 8-9 in the morning and 6-7 in the evening. otherwise you can stuck in the traffic for 1 hour or more. Los Angeles is a big city.

Hollywood: Walk of fame

There were many stars, unforgettable ones.
while you are walking at walk of fame street, you can come across a batman or superman or spider man costumed people. it is interesting to walk around and see different people but do not expect to see real famous ones there, you should go to Rodeo Drive area at Beverly hills to see famous people:) I am not sure if I saw any famous person or not at rodeo, I saw a guy I think I had seen in a movie, I did not know his name so I can not say who he was. maybe I ll see him again on a movie one day:) I was expecting to see Brad Pitt though. .