Dubai: Burj Al Arab view: La veranda


La veranda is an Italian restaurant in the Jumeirah hotel, actually on the beach of Jumeirah hotel 🙂 It has great view of neighbour Burj Al Arab hotel
You might as well sit on the beach feeling sand under yout feet. I loved how peacefull this place is.
And of course yummy food, Lasagna was very good and they had gluten free pasta for my friend. 
You just walk into a cute and cosy restaurant in a 5 star hotel, it is first come first served. They do not reserve table. It was a wednesday eveningso we could find a 2 people table easily but I bet it is busy on the weekend. I am going to visit this restaurant more often for cosy get aways 😊


I love this view


My hubby and the city I was born, Antalya, in the pic, love it 🙂 I think best season in Antalya is september, weather is not so hot but enough hot ti go to beach, sometimes it rains and sometimes sun shines, you can experience both in 1 day, that is how I like it 🙂