Dubai: Chinese hotpot: Xiao wei yang

I was planning to visit this hotpot restaurant since long time and finally this week I had chance. For me it would be the first time eating a hotpot meal  and I was little bit hesitant about eating boiled meat but my overall experience was great!


Xiao Wei yang Chinese restaurant Jumeirah or marina branch is just across the Le meridien Jbr hotel. It was a week day when I visited there but for dinner we had to wait a table to get empty for 20 minutes, they book just for more than 4 people, we were 4, so no reservatio!


They bring a broth on a stove on the table and I could see some nutmeg, celery sticks, garlic in the broth but for the rest I don’t know what is in this yummy broth. The sauce you dip your meat after you boiled it in hotpot was made from peanut and garlic and some other secret ingredients, it was also yummy. We chose meat dimsum, mushrooms, meat, some tofu, spinach to boil in hotpot . Everything was very delicious. While We were leaving I asked the girl at the reception “do you deliver to the house with the hotpot?” She said “ahh don’t you have hotpot at your home, how do you eat :)?!!” Hahaa I think she is right I need a hotpot at home I love this taste and I find it a health way of cooking. 

I love how staff is very helpful and friendly in the Xiao Wei Yang. I am gonna visit there soon again. And price is reasonable.




Dubai: Food Carnival

Yearly Dubai food festival is in several locations this year, I visited the one at the Marina the other day. It was a nice day.


There was a live cooking show with a famous chef. People could ask some questions about the secret of good cooking to the chef.

Your food is freshly done 🙂 Dutch mini pancakes were yummy.

I am going to visit other food festival locations soon, it is between 4-28th february.

Dubai: Maria Bonita, Mexican in Dubai


I heard a lot about this mexican restaurant which is a very popular mexican restaurant since 12 years in Dubai. So today we tried it with my friends.


Guacamole was being made freshly by the table, it is must try, it was very tasty.


I had fish tacos and I think it is the best taco I have tasted, I tried my friend’s enchilada but I like tacos more. If you are craving mexican food in Dubai, visit this traditional mexican restaurant, prices are reasonable, it is located at a very popular area of Dubai so prices were normal.

Dubai: P&B: Best meat in Dubai



I had dinner at the P&B smokehouse with my friends last week and I have to admit all of us were so sattisfied with the meat we ate, I ate the best brisket in Dubai, the chef had an event when we were there and he explained us how he was making the smoked meat so now I know the type of wood you use is very important for the taste of the meat, The meat was very tender and nice, I think I found where I want to eat my meat in Dubai now, the outdoor place at the souqmadinat amphitheathre was awesome

Organic olives

I am in Antalya these days, of course as a must I have visited local bazaar, where people brings all the fresh vegetables, fruits from villages. I love to walk around in the bazaar and get the most fresh food. These olives were so tasty, if it feels and smells like fresh it is organic for me, I love the fact that you can find any kinds of organic food in Turkey 😊👍


Turkish food: Mücver (Zucchini pancakes)


One of my favorite dish, it is called “mucver” in Turkish but we can say “Zucchini pancakes”. You need 2 small zucchinis, 1 onion, 1 egg, 1 potato; grate all of them. then add some dill, salt, oil and some flour until you have little bit sticky consistency, put 1 scoop mixture pieces on the frying pan, you do not have to put too much oil and fry it as a pancake then it is ready 🙂 yummy. you can use yogurt as a sauce.Bon appétit.