Home made: Crispy Chicken


After work I like to cook quick things at home and decided to cook crispy chicken 🙂

All you need is: some cereal, yogurt, garlic powder, black pepper, salt, dried mint.

You smush the cereals into crumbs, add the spices in to the cereal crumbs. Put the yogurt (you can use egg instead of yogurt) in a bowl.

Dip the chicken fingers into the yogurt and throw them in to cereal bag and shake them 🙂

Preheat oven 400 F (200 Celcius), put the chicken fingers on a cooking paper.

After the 10 munites of baking I could see some of the fingers are little bit wet, I put the chickens back into the oven for 10 mnts but this time I lowered the heat.

At the end I served it with a little paprika pepper on top, and your home made KFC is ready 🙂 My husband was looking for the KFC boxes, haha nope it was not that crunchy but not bad for a 40 mnts cooking.


Dubai Yoga: Outdoor Yoga



I am not a yogi but I like to do yoga, I believe yoga must be part of our daily routine. I attended full moon yoga session the other day by the Internet city lake in Dubai. Yoga fest Dubai is arranging these yoga sessions at least once in a month, it is free but if you donate money it goes to some charities. Teachers are all volunteers and they are all amazing, I love to be outside and feel the sun on my face and do yoga. One day I am planning to attend sunrise yoga if I manage to wake up early. I believe in chakra, energy spots in our body and with yoga you can reach these points, I should train myself more about these energy spots, mentally and physically being healthy is very important, yoga helps to achieve both. You can visit yoga fest dubai web site and get detailed info about next session.

Young blood: Mineral Cosmetics



These are the my latest make up products, I like that they contain minerals, it gives a feeling like they are not harming your skin when you apply it, foundation is easy to apply and it does not make your skin oily at the end of the day, concealer masks dark circles around your eyes but you do not feel like you have heavy make up on, for daily make up I like mineral make up but if you want a night make up, you need a stronger foundation. Finally putting make up on every day does not make me feel quilty as my products have mineral in it, sounds healthy :))

Xmas time:)))



Souq madinat 2014 xmas


It is almost christmas, I love the joy all around, I am not christian but the joy around makes me happy like all the other people who like to celebrate it. Giving presents taking presents (which I really like :)) thinking about loved ones, having a positive mindset, holidays, getting together with the family and friends, I love it.

The picture above is from Dubai souq madinat area, there is a huge xmas tree and rumor has it, they will make real snow fall here, I am not surprised at all, there is an indoor skiing place here so why not snowing outside, possible :)) I can not wait to see it.

Film Festival



From the Gala of Wild Tales movie


It was 11th Dubai international film festival between 11-17 december. I had chance to watch 5 movies and attend 1 gala movie. It was a very pleasent experience for me. I always like to watch movies and respect all the actors for what they are doing, there are some movies which really effects my point of view for my life. Beneath the movies I watched, I can tell you Wild Tales original name Relatos Salvajes was very different and good movie, I did not realize how 2 hours passed. I hope you can find it and watch it, it is Argentinian – Spanish made but we had english subtitles 🙂 Also The Shelter was very touching movie, if you liked Requiem for a dream, you will like The Shelter too. Foxcatcher had very nice acting in it. The intruder (dutch-moroccon made) was good also, I am not a movie critic but These are my humble opinion. I can not wait to attend another film festival, I wish I had more time so I could watch more movie.




It was our 2nd year wedding anniversary, time just flies, the day we got married feels like yesterday but it has been 2 years. I am still in love with my hubby just like the first day. I am very grateful what life brought to me and every anniversary or bday reminds me that time passes so quickly so if you wanna do something do not delay it just do it, if you wanna travel somewhere or start a gym and have a healthy life do not wait for monday, just start 😉 I wish everybody finds the right man and wife and have a happy life together. Life is beautiful 🙂

So this is thanksgiving


This year was my first thanksgiving celebration, I am not American so I have never had chance to attend to any thanksgiving celebrations but this year my American friends invited me, it was such a nice day, eating, chatting, playing games, I loved it. Food was amazing, I made deviled eggs and sangria, some others made pumpkin pie, salads etc and the star of the table was Turkey 🙂 Happy thankgiving:)