Friday Brunch Dubai

I love to spend time with friends at friday brunch it is fun. you can taste a lot of different cuisines. weekend is friday and saturday for Dubai so friday brunch is like saturday brunch.

Desert section, my favorite.

Desert section, my favorite.

Just watch out not to eat too much, nexth day you may have stomache 🙂


Where are you going to be in 5 years ?

This is the question everybody should ask their selves right now.

Remember what were you imagining for your future when you were a kid and now where are you? could you manage your childhood dreams or at least could you manage half of it?

I always wanted to be part of healthcare  professionalism because I wanted to make people feel good and I am a part now:) I wanted to travel world, when was a kid I was looking out of the window of our house and there were big mountains, I wondered what is it behind these mountains, I wanted to know. Now I travel different countries at least twice a year 🙂

And to know yourself is the best thing you can to to yourself. If you know your strong and weak sides you can work on it. Dream about where you want to be in 2,5,10 years. Your dreams are going to be your thoughts, your thoughts are going to be your behaviors and your behaviors are going to give direction to your life 🙂

Little tips for daily life

-As soon as you wake up in the morning,smile and keep smiling whenever you want. Smiling has a magical effect

-Try to go to work from different routes whenever you are available. You can see what is going on at the different areas.

-Try to go to different places every day, it can be a different market or different gym, you can visit an art gallery.

these tips can help you to improve your imagination and feel like you are more alive than before. Every day is unique so do not waste even 1 minute of your life :))


Happy Valentine’s Day


I always wonder where these special days come from so a note for valentine’s day. Saint valentine’s day began as a liturgical celebration of christian saints named Valentinus. He was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

Life is love, happy valentines day for those who has a loved one or going to find the right one soon 🙂