Dubai: Italian restaurant, Luciano’s

I think this is the 5th time I am eating in Luciano’s in 2 years and my experience is always better than the one before, I love this restaurant, it is located by the pool side of the Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa Hotel and very close to Dubai marina and JBR walk. So after dinner you can have a nice walk along the JBR or marina.


I tried italian basics such as pasta, pizza, risotto over the times I have visited Luciano’s and my favourite is Seafood Risotto ( Risotto ai Fruitti di Mare). I did not feel like eating mussels and the staff is very helpful, they advised more shrimps instead of mussels, yummy.


The vibe of this place makes you feel like you are in Italy, eating yummy food, laughing with your friends and staff is very friendly. 20150322-111349-40429711.jpg


Benefit: make up: POREfection


before/after benefit

If you are struggling with the pores you have on your skin, I advise you this product, I do not use it everyday but when I want a smooth make up, I defenitely use it.It feels the pores and prepares a smooth surface for your blush


I tried some of benefit products and this one is my favorite so far. It is kind of very tick foundation with silicone base, it fills up the pores while you are applying with your finger tips.

Dubai Yoga: Outdoor Yoga



I am not a yogi but I like to do yoga, I believe yoga must be part of our daily routine. I attended full moon yoga session the other day by the Internet city lake in Dubai. Yoga fest Dubai is arranging these yoga sessions at least once in a month, it is free but if you donate money it goes to some charities. Teachers are all volunteers and they are all amazing, I love to be outside and feel the sun on my face and do yoga. One day I am planning to attend sunrise yoga if I manage to wake up early. I believe in chakra, energy spots in our body and with yoga you can reach these points, I should train myself more about these energy spots, mentally and physically being healthy is very important, yoga helps to achieve both. You can visit yoga fest dubai web site and get detailed info about next session.

Fake Nails


I love these impress fake nails it took me just 10 minutes to finish ten finger nails, simply you glue the fake nails on your nails, I can not use long nails long time so for a few days this type of nails are perfect for me, I was using the ones which had separate glue in it but this one has a peel off area where you stick it on your nail which is very handy, you clean your nails with the wipe in the box and then you file your nail up little bit and put the sticky part of the fake nail on your nail and done 🙂 My new manicure is ready for today, on the box it says it lasts for 1 week but I use it just for weekends.



Happy me with my fake nails 🙂

Dubai: Jumeirah: Running track


Jumeirah running track


Sunset, Jumeirah beach

Dubai is becoming more and more sportive these days, I love it. March is already here so I have almost 2 more months for outdoor activities, then it ll be too hot to run outside, instead I will be swimming 🙂 This running track is built up almost 6 months ago and it makes me feel like the Jumeirah beach looks like kind of Venice beach, running and walking people around etc but of course Jumeirah beach is more family friendly. Running track is almost 10 km long, I usually run 5-8 km, If you park your car near Sunset mall or if you go to kite beach you can reach this great outdoor activity area on the beach.

I could catch a slice of sun before it sets