Maldives: A short getaway


Hubby made me a big surprise and took me to the Maldives for a 2 days vacation for my bday, it was a great break from the hot Dubai and busy work. It is just 4 hours plane ride from Dubai. He told me what to pack and told the most crucial things like bikinis flip flops etc on the last day so I had no idea where he would take me until the last hours for 1 week. Last day I started to realize it can be Maldives or goa or sri lanka etc. At the airport he told me it is Maldives πŸ™‚ Could not complain!


We stayed at Bandos Island and hotel (all island is the hotel), after landing to Male airport you go to boats which are just next to the airport and then after 10 mnts boat ride we were on our island. First day was rainy but it was so good after the very very hot Dubai june, we were just swimming under the rain walking around the island.


Monsoon rain view from the room, beach was just 30 steps away, yes I counted πŸ™‚


Second day was sunny so we did snorkeling for hours, the view was spectacular, all the coral reefs and different types of fishes were amazing.


Of course there were little sharks but they were harmless.


One of the best sunsets I have ever seen was here.


I enjoyed the yummy island fish with the great sunset view, couldn’t be more romantic and enjoyable πŸ™‚ I feel grateful and lucky every day.


Oman: Khasab-fjords of Oman : Seeing Dolphins

This weekend we decided to visit Musandam (governorate of Oman). We madeΒ dhow cruise and saw dolphins. It is a 3 hours drive from Dubai but it is worth to see the dolphins in their natural area, they jump around the dhow, I have some videos but not so many pictures.

If you want to do a Musandam dhow cruise you have 2 options one is from Dibba which is southeast part of Musandam and you can not see dolphins with this tour, you do not pay 85 aed (almost 50 dollar) visa fee to enter the Dibba. Second option is the one we did from Khasab (means fertile soil) which is at the north part of the Musandam, you can see a lot of dolphins, we were lucky they even raced with our boat, remember to clap your hands and whistle for them so they come near to your boat πŸ™‚



Could catch this much of Dolphins with the picture


Enjoying the dhow



Africa: Zanzibar: Stone town

January 2015, I had chance to stay in Tanzania and Zanzibar for a few days, Zanzibar is an island which is part of Tanzania but it has its own freedom (semi-autonomous)


First we flew to Dar es salaam city in Tanzania and you can either take little plane or ferry boat from Dar to Zanzibar, we chose plane, shortest plane ride ever πŸ™‚ just 20 mnts.


The room in the Tembo hotel in Zazibar, it is an 300 years old hotel ad it was used as an embassy, a trade centre etc over the years, Zanzibar is an island just between Afrika and middle east and since the old time it is used as a hub for the trade, It was capital of Oman Sultanate in 19th centruy, then British power came by, but first there were Persian power, some indian trade so Zanzibar has many different culture influence.


Walking around in Stone town at the west Zanzibar, you can find spice market here, Omani Sultan planted some spices here and since then they have very nice spice here, I bought vanilla sticks, turmeric, cardomom powder, ginger coffee. If you want a resort holiday and enjoy the white sand and blue sea you should chose a hotel at the east side of the island.


I am at the door of the house where Freddy Mercury was born, it was amazing to see where he was born and I am sure this inspirational island had effect on his amazing songs.


Foroodhani Park, after 6pm this park turns to a street food market, you can find local fish, arabic kabab, indian samosa, afrikan sugarcane juice πŸ™‚ all different cusines and affordable prices well I advise you to bargain if somebody says 80 dollar for 5 shrimps, sometimes they exaggerate the price then you should walk away and find reasonable prices but I dont feel like they rip you off coz feeling like helping Afrikan people at least this way makes me feel good.


Some young people were dancing on the beach with the sunset πŸ™‚


Kids are jumping to sea wit their clothes, they dry and then they jump again, such a free life, nobody cares how you look like, they just have fun πŸ™‚

Happiness is…


Being happy really depends on what you expect from life, I took this pic in Zanzibar a few days ago, and this little kid was so happy for no reason πŸ™‚
Me and hubby went for a short trip to Tanzania and we spent 1 day in Zanzibar, it was first time for me in Afrika and I was so exited. I loved the natural beauties etc but yes afrika is poor, no matter how beautiful nature is, still people are poor and they need all the help you can give. I came across some volunteer doctors who were helping kids and training medical staff about how to treat patients, what a great thing they are doing.

Skyscrapers: Lighted Skyscrapers


City lights make me feel cheerful, it shows that city is alive, I love different colored and shaped skyscrapers and in Dubai if you visit marina first time, you will be amazed with the view of the buildings. I am living here since 2 years but still every time I see this dance of colors as the light form, I am impressed. Modern life and nature together, that is what I like about a city, we do not have forest in Dubai but there is beach just 100 meters from the skyscrapers. I love it.

Sound of the waves



I was at the Flooka restaurant in Β The Marine resort&spa the other day, I had nice mediterranean food with the Burj khalifa view. We were on the beach and having nice time as hearing the sound of the waves, it was awesome. I need to come back here for the sunset, I heard sitting on the beach while drinking your cocktail and watching sun set is great.

Turkish Brunch


I am still at Antalya and today we went to Turkish style brunch. It is kind of picnic. You eat outside under the trees but the difference is somebody else prepares your food for you:) Turkish brunch contains lots of fresh jam, nice local cheese, olives, gozleme (turkish pancake), fresh butter, honey, lots of turkish tea and fresh air as you are sitting outside for 3 hours πŸ™‚ you can see Gozleme and chay (tea) in the pic