Baby shower


I went to my friend s baby shower party yesterday, it was a very nice excitement for a mom to be to share her happiness with her friends. I do not have any kids so I do not know how it is to be a mom and give birth etc but when moms at the party started to tell about their giving birth stories, it was little bit scary, at the end all of them said all the pain and tears were worth to have your little baby in your arms and you forget all the pain. So being a mommy starts difficult and goes on like that. Respect to all mommies and surely to mine 🙂


Healthy challange


These days I am busy with loosing 5kg, going to kick box lessons 3 times a week and 1 time a week weight lifting in the gym, I wonder how long it is going to take loose weight. I have never had 5 kg extra in my life, for being healthier and happier I need to acomplish this mission 🙂

Chilling day on the beach


I had a nice and relaxing beach day the other day. I like to treat myself once in while:) I was at the Dubai Westin Mina Seyahi&Marina hotel beach, it was nice to read my book while enjoying the cold drinks 🙂 a ferry was passing while I was taking the pic and I think it is a best way to see all busy Dubai coast line with Dubai ferry, if you are planning to visit Dubai, I advise you to take one ferry trip, it shows you Palm Dubai, Dubai marina mall, Dubai creek and some other landmarks that you should see.

My wine rack project


I have decided to change color of my wine rack and with a spray paint it is very easy, find 2 pizza boxes one for painting on it and second to dry it on it 🙂 The diffucult part was to decide the color and I was feeling I like I need yellow in my room, and in feng shui yellow is good energy 🙂 so it is yellow and I like the result. I think color effects our mood a lot so if you feel like you need an energy transformation in your house try to use spray paint, it is easy.

Back in the ring:)


I am back to kick box and plus I am learning muay thai from a thai teacher 🙂 I was doing karate for almost 8 years from 11 to 18 years old but then I was busy with education and career etc, then I started to kick box 3 years ago but again due to work and other responsibilities I could not go on, yesterday evening I felt like at home when I was in the kick box class, I am familiar with the hard training; we were running around, punching, kicking, it is a great way to relax and keep fit, I did not understand how the 1 hour training past. My sweat was burning my eyes so I knew I did a good workout, today I have sore muscles but I love it, it means I did a good training 🙂

Sun sets, a new day starts


A view from my window, every day is a gift given to us but with the routine of life we miss the beauties around, in the morning go to work, sun sets and we are at home so I think day starts when you are free from work responsibilities. So for me it is time to spend time with myself after the sun set, let me watch the movie I always wanted to watch:)