Thailand: Being Jane-2011


Thailand- December 2011

I found this pic and now I ask myself “what was I thinking when I was holding that snake” I think when we are younger we are braver, well it was just 3 years ago but I feel like I cant do it again. I love animals but snakes are little bit extrem. Being open to new experiences is always good but some experiences make you more careful about what you decide to do. Before I broke my leg my goal was doing bungee jumping one day but after feeling that massive broken bone pain, I do not think I can dare to do it anymore. But who knows maybe one day I ll just do it 🙂


Nyhavn (Copenhagen)


Copenhagen-September 2013

Nyhavn (New port) is a must see place if you are in Copenhagen. I loved the canal tour we made and strongly recommend it to everybody. Some cities have an aura which gives me happy feeling. Copenhagen is one of them, it is an art and creativity city.

USA: Zion National Park


Me on a rock (Zion national park)

One of the best places to camp I think. We were there just for a daily trip may 2014 but I wish I was there camping right now. I am living in Dubai, so summer here is unbearable. every building is air conditioned but there is nothing like inhaling the fresh air. I can not wait my holiday, I am fed up with Dubai summer. Keep in mind that October-May is the best time in Dubai if you want to visit one day. I need to get out of here in the summer.

Kayaking day


Infinity Tower at the background (Cayan Tower) Dubai

My hubby gave me a kayak for my bday, I love him. We had a fun day at Dubai marina, if you are living at the sea side city, having a kayak is a very good idea. It is a nice workout and gives you the freedom to go longer distances than swimming.